Sometimes, it's difficult to know what to do for your career and life that will get you what you really want.


Not knowing what to do, leads to feeling stuck and unproductive. We hold ourselves back, not fully exploring what we are capable of doing and being. What worked well for us previously might not be working so well now. We know life's a journey, but to where and for what?  

Uncertainty and "stuckness" -- the experience can be very painful and lonely.  We're not fully ourselves, and the world doesn't see our true talents.

I see potential in people. That's why I'm dedicated to career strategy and life coaching that helps people discover their real talents and express themselves fully for a successful career transition or job search.  

I help people advance their talent -- in their work and daily life -- with greater skill and freedom. This leads my clients to living more consciously aligned, purposeful and fulfilled lives.

  • My expertise is helping individuals in career transition and job search.

  • I provide expert support, new structures and tools to see yourself and gain insight into what you're doing and why. You get greater clarity, meaning and success. You'll land a job that truly fits you.

  • All of my work is done with appreciation for each client, with deep listening, openness and empathy.

I also help organizations develop talent in leaders and teams, leading to greater results.

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