I believe that personal growth and fulfillment comes through understanding, integrating and transforming ourselves. I was helped by working with a coach.


my story

I was the kid who followed the rules.  In many instances, I even strived to make the "right" rules.  I was a high-performing, high-achieving striver throughout my life.  I attained wonderful positions in well-known companies and enjoyed my work immensely.  I was and still am dedicated to learning and excellence.

Later in my adult years, I was living outside of the US but traveling frequently for work, away from my family.  I compartmentalized pretty well, I thought.  I was frustrated with myself when I realized I was very stuck in a way of behaving, living and leading that I didn't enjoy.  I didn't fully understand why I couldn't easily change, despite wanting to or thinking about it, often with a sense of grief and uncertainty.  But I was curious about how to get unstuck.  That's when I chose to seek a coach.  

Three clicks on a computer!  In a matter of days I was doing some hard work with a skilled coach who helped me understand myself, my ingrained thought patterns, my fears and how I could change.  I started on my journey of self-discovery.

It took me several years to decide that truly, I want to help people differently, in a powerfully deep and individual way in addition to collaborating on work that impacts organizations at a broader level.

With wide-ranging interests in music, travel, food, art and getting to know people from diverse backgrounds, I bring a natural curiosity to how life is and can be.

I bring my natural abilities to see and connect deeply with individuals and my years of experience in people development, HR and business transformation to help clients understand, appreciate and realize their own talent.  Choosing a vocation of coaching has allowed me to connect all of myself more freely and fully.  Living in this way, I am able to help other people live their lives with greater purpose and fulfillment.  I love my job!

My desire is to help to build community where ever I am.  I'm active in several local and international organizations with the goal of developing future leaders through learning and leadership development.

I also enjoy being a beginner at many, many things!  Where to start?  Snowboarding, photography, and training my first dog.

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